Torrent Storage is totaly free service for storing your torrents online

You CAN upload your torrents without any limits for free.
You CAN download torrent ONLY if you ALREADY KNOW the INFO_HASH of the torrent file.
You CAN NOT search torrents or list all our torrents, but you can download them only if you have torrent hash code.

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Legal Notes

We DO NOT store or track any information about what type of content the torrents point to.
We DO NOT have any type of torrents search or torrents listing system.
We DO NOT run our own trackers and we have no relations with any of torrent system.
We DO NOT store the original filename of the torrent.
We NEVER log any IP adress of torrent uploader or torrent downloader.
We ARE just a service for binary data storage online like any others of file hosts in the world.
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